Here it is, the typeface x Taylor Swift x middle school nostalgia cross over that no one expected or asked for.

While I’ve grown past side bangs and editing photos on Picnik, some things never change. Haven’t listened to the release yet? Stream Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

Alright, these are my favorite fonts of 2021 and its corresponding T.Swift song:

1. Mina — Fifteen

Mina reminds me of when we would write our names as “Mrs. CurrentCrush” in the margins of our notebooks. This font has a hand-written cursive feel but with a modern touch.

Mina by Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González on Adobe Fonts.

2. FreightBig Pro — Love Story

Finstas (Fake Instas) and Fwitters (Fake Twitters) are the online diaries of the internet.

What’s a Finsta? What’s a Fwitter?

Many Gen-Zers have personal, public facing accounts on Instagram and Twitter. But, there’s a private, secretive realm of “fake” accounts where the same users share informal, unpolished parts of their lives. These posts can contain personal anecdotes, stupid jokes, and/or content considered inappropriate for a professionally-facing channel.

Applying for jobs in the age of “finstas”

As young adults apply for professional opportunities, there’s a growing pressure to keep their digital footprint work-friendly. Most hiring processes don’t just rely on the interview — a google search can be the make or break towards candidate selection.

In the era of side hustles and passion projects, starting a Limited Liability Corporation, LLC for short, can help make your #hustle official. I founded an LLC to protect my work as a freelance social media marketer and turn my post-grad gig into a registered entity!

What is an LLC?

An LLC is not incorporated and helps to protect owners from liability in debts and obligations. My business, Matelamade LLC, is a sole-proprietorship, where I am the only member and have 100% ownership of the company.

Request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Your EIN is the business version of a social security number. You’ll need it for various tax forms…

Josee Matela

gen-z professional, bu grad, small business owner, probably holding a coffee

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